Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Introduction, I Guess.

Well, I suppose that since I'm starting a blog, I should at least have a simple introduction, to let all of you poor souls who stumbled upon this reading know who I am.

My name is Abigail, but call me what you wish. I prefer Abbey, but whatever. You do not need to know my last name. 
I am 15 years old, birthday in December. I am a fairly quiet girl, I don't like to talk much or call attention to myself.

But it seems here, I did the complete opposite.

You see, about three or so weeks ago, I have stumbled across these "things," happening.
And these things seem to be related to an oddly familiar slender fellow.
You know, Slender Man, Slendy, It, Him, Master, The Faceless, Faceless King, etc. etc.
It's quite uncanny of how many things I've dreamed about and experienced as a child and even now that are just so SIMILAR.

So, because things are getting pretty creep-tastic and fun, I've decided to post about them here, instead of the many, many bulletin posts I've been writing on my YouTube channel.
Go there. Stalk my comment box. You'll be glad you did. XD

Ta-ta for now. Will update later, or close to later, or tomorrow's today, or, well, yeah. You get the idea.

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